August 2021

Katie | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda, IL


Katie is 27 years old and loves doing home improvement projects with her fiancé.   They love boating with family and friends.   On weekends, they love boating and having drinks around a bonfire while listening to music.  Katie has a very energetic dog who keeps her busy and loves to go on walks.  She's [...]

Katie | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda, IL2021-08-09T17:05:38-05:00

May 2021

Sammi | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


Often, I will ask clients some questions regarding their shoot.   Hearing their thoughts direct from the source is so helpful sometimes.  Here's what Sammi had to say about her boudoir session: Tell me a little bit about yourself: “Tell me a little bit about yourself” causes my mind to go blank honestly. It’s sometimes [...]

Sammi | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2021-05-11T10:30:34-05:00

March 2021

Glenna | Wauconda, IL


I was thrilled when Glenna booked her boudoir session.   You see, Glenna and I were friends way back in the day.   It's been a long time since we were in High School.  Now in our forties, Glenna has been through a lot.   She's lost her parents, been divorced and re married.  Her [...]

Glenna | Wauconda, IL2021-03-17T13:42:29-05:00

September 2020

The Remarkable Miss S | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield


The remarkable Miss S had a boudoir session a few months ago.   Let me just say, this was one of my all time favorite sessions ever.  She was open to trying new things and has such a naturally simple beauty that just emanates in her portraits.  At 24 years old she is a graduate [...]

The Remarkable Miss S | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield2020-12-14T00:34:04-06:00

May 2019

Embracing Yourself- Part 2 |Sarah Jane Boudoir


Recently, I wrote a blog post about embracing yourself and learning to love your body. The post was about acceptance and realizing that we are all amazing just as we are. I highly recommend reading that post if you have time HERE. In this post you'll get to hear what these women think about embracing [...]

Embracing Yourself- Part 2 |Sarah Jane Boudoir2022-01-06T13:35:35-06:00

Embracing You-Part 1 | Sarah Jane Boudoir


Embracing yourself and learning to love yourself is something I am passionate about. A while back I had decided I wanted to do a shoot with several women nude. I wanted these women to have a connection, not in a sexual way but in a closeness. These women were going to have to stand close [...]

Embracing You-Part 1 | Sarah Jane Boudoir2022-08-26T15:01:49-05:00
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