Ms. K recently came into the studio for her boudoir session.  She was absolutely stunning and did so amazing at her boudoir session.   Ms. K is a busy, single mom of five, middle schoolers and works as a nurse practitioner at a busy hospital in Chicago.  In her free time she enjoys running, reading and relaxing with her friends.

Hair and makeup is an add on here at the studio.  I don’t automatically include it because every woman is different and every woman has their own vision of what they find beautiful.  This beauty wanted the full pampering experience and chose to have both her hair and makeup done for her session.  My amazing makeup artist, Rosie, of Rosie Hunter Artistry is pretty darn amazing at what she does.  She managed to turn this woman into the badass babe you see in these photos.  Check out Rosie’s website:

Going into her session she was a little nervous about all the scars and imperfections on her body showing.   I think she was pleasantly surprised with how the portraits turned out.   Here’s what she had to say about her session: “I never really saw myself as a sexy, powerful woman; but the woman Sarah photographed really looked like she had her shit together.  Sarah never made me feel bad or uncomfortable with my body and was so easy to work with.  She gave great outfit advice and helped a lot with selecting the final photos.”    I’m so incredibly happy that she had such a beautiful experience.

KS Boudoir Session_0086 KS Boudoir Session_0085

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