Hello beautiful!  Today, let’s chat about boudoir sessions.  You know those sessions where you get all dolled up in fancy lingerie and feel like a total badass!  But are you are worried you need to lose weight before your session.  I don’t know how to be any more blunt:  You don’t need to lose weight to do a session!  Seriously, throw that idea out of the window now.  And let’s discuss why every woman is worthy of her own boudoir session, regardless of size, shape and age.  You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your own skin.

First off, get rid of the idea that boudoir sessions are only for young skinny things or women that aren’t you. That’s crazy and complete nonsense. Boudoir is about celebrating your unique curves, imperfections and all.  In my opinion, the human body is a complete work of art.  And you, your body deserves to be celebrated I all it’s glory.

Who cares if you’ve put on a new pound.  Heck, my jeans are a little snug right now too.  You aren’t any less beautiful, amazing or worthy.  Actually, those so-called flaws are exactly what makes you unique.  Embrace them, flaunt them and be the Queen you are!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

I get it, the media and society had a way of making us feel like we aren’t good enough.  But, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  We aren’t all meant to be the same. It’s time to embrace who you are, how you are right now and learn to love yourself unapologetically.

So, the next time you catch yourself thinking, “I’ll do a boudoir session once I lose these last 10 pounds,” stop right there.  You are beautiful. You are amazing. And your worth isn’t determined by your size or the number on the scale.  It’s determined by who you are and the person you are.  How you make others feel is far more important than any number.  I can assure you, you are beautiful with your curves and imperfections.

So, go ahead and book that boudoir session. Slay that session like the beautiful badass babe you are.  Your body is ready now. Bring your confidence back and realize how perfect you are just as you are.

You got this!

While you are here check out Kate’s session.  I’m in LOVE with her purple hair!