Ms. M recently came into the studio for her boudoir session. She was super sweet, a little nervous and amazingly gorgeous at her session. After most of my boudoir sessions I like to ask my clients to tell me a little bit about their session. It’s always nice to hear from the clients themselves about why they did a session and how they felt about it after.

Here’s a little bit right from Ms. M herself:

“I am a single mom of 3 little ones and I work part-time in the healthcare field. In my spare time I love spending time with my kids, my boyfriend, and our blended family. I also love being outside! I love hiking, running, and camping.

I did this session as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend. After having 3 kids I have a lot of insecurities with my body and I have always wanted to do these pics but never felt comfortable enough to do them until now. The older I get the more I am ok with the way I look and it definitely helps that my boyfriend always compliments me no matter what I am wearing.”


Going into my session:

“Going into my session I was nervous hoping I picked the right outfits/lingerie that would make me look good and also hoping I didn’t look ridiculous posing for these kinds of pics. Lol.


After my session:

“Sarah’s personality definitely made the entire experience so easy and fun. It was laid back and super comfortable!! I couldn’t wait to see my images.

After the session and seeing my pics gave me more confidence to wear lingerie and to be ok with how I look.

I think that all women should experience these pictures and have the chance to feel sexy in their own skin and no just for a special person most importantly for themselves. I have no regrets and can’t wait to see what my man thinks of them!”

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I’m so glad Ms. M had a great session. I had just as much fun shooting her and getting to know her. I can’t wait to hear what her special man thinks of her images!

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