When this sweet Momma to be reached out to me about doing a sexy maternity shoot I was beyond ecstatic.   Maternity boudoir isn’t the most common type of boudoir session I shoot but it is certainly one of my favorites.   In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than seeing how amazing the human body is.

In her spare time this beauty loves reading and shopping.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, their friends and her super cute dog.  Traveling and exploring new restaurants is also something she loves to do when she gets the chance.

Here’s a little bit about this sexy maternity session right from this Momma herself:

“I love the concept of boudoir and did a wedding boudoir photo shoot a few years back, wanting some special photos of my first pregnancy. I was really inspired by some nude maternity photos on pintrest and wanted to re-create the look to embrace my body during pregnancy.   Going into my session I was excited.  I was a little worried about how my up-do would look and didn’t want to mess up my hair (nothing at all to do with the shoot or the experience with Sarah).”

How did I feel after my session?

“I felt amazing.  I definitely want to do more sessions and do it again with my next pregnancy.  For me, boudoir has always been worth the investment.  Boudoir has always made me feel more confident.  In addition, I’ve always enjoyed and welcomed nudity.  Sarah was great to work with, she takes amazing photos and creates a look that the person is hoping for!   It was fun and I have no complaints!  I’d encourage other women to try it out and see for themselves!”

Far too often when we are pregnant we focus on the negatives of how our body is changing.  We are uncomfortable and have difficulty sleeping and moving around like we used to.  Sometimes, we need to take a few moments to really enjoy how special and perfect our bodies are.   Take a moment to see the sexy side of maternity.  Take a moment to be amazed by what our bodies can actually do!

Enjoy a few photos from this session.  And while you are here feel free to contact me for more information about possibly doing your own boudoir shoot.   Click HERE to get in touch with me!

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