Shannon has been part of my ladies only VIP group on Facebook.    If you would like to be part of the group click HERE.  She’s been following all of the other amazing ladies that have had their portraits done and so wanted to do a session.   A couple of months back her Sister-In-Law was in the studio for a session.   Her Sister-In-Law knew how bad Shannon wanted to do a session that she got her a gift certificate as a gift!  How sweet is that?!  Can’t think of a better gift to give a woman!

This curvaceous beauty came in and seriously rocked her boudoir session.  She showed herself how badass she can be.  AND she loved her photos so much that she even allowed me to share some in the hopes that it would give other women the courage to to a session as well.

I was smitten with her outfit choices for her session.  Love love loved this first outfit in the pictures.   So much so that I even had to ask her where she got it.    In case you are wondering…. that first outfit is from Lover’s Lane!  It photographed so beautifully.   When I suggest lingerie pieces for clients this outfit is exactly what I look for when describing my vision to clients.  I love bodysuits as they cover the areas most of us women are insecure about, our tummy’s.  I love lace details and texture in the lingerie pieces for boudoir photos as they add just that perfect amount of something in your pictures.

Check out some more of her photos below.

shannon boudoir session_0089 shannon boudoir session_0090 shannon boudoir session_0088