Victoria is such gorgeous beauty.  She recently booked her boudoir session as a wedding gift for her fiancé.  Going into her session she had worried that she wasn’t going to feel confident.   She also worried that she’d look weird or awkward in her pictures.

After Victoria had her session, I asked her a few questions about her session to see if her feelings changed a little bit.

Here’s what Victoria had to say:

“Sarah makes you feel SO sexy, So confident, and SO comfortable.   My favorite part of the session was when I got rid of those first 5 minute jitters.  I looked in the mirror and I felt so good about myself.  Confidence set in and I started to loosen up and just have a blast with it.  After my session, I feel so much more confident and beautiful.  For some time now, I would wake up every morning and stare at my body and say something negative about it.  After seeing the photos Sarah took, I seriously wake up every morning and look at my body and I’m just like “YES!” I love myself so much more.”

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Yes!  That is what I love to hear.   Most people think that boudoir photos are intended to be just sexy photos to give your significant other.  Oh how it’s so so much more than that.  In my personal opinion, it’s more about learning to love yourself.  Boudoir is about accepting your body as you are right now.  In addition, there are so many people that have body dysmorphia issues and I feel like boudoir helps with that tremendously.  All too often, we see ourselves as someone we aren’t.   Seeing ourselves in boudoir photos helps put that in perspective.   It shows us how much more amazing we are than we actually realize!     Girl, you should run and book your own boudoir session now.   Click HERE to get in contact with me!

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