This year I decided to do a summer beach shoot with an amazing group of women!  You see, every year I try to do at least one group boudoir shoot.  I love seeing the women get together and lift each other up.  They are always so supportive, accepting and uplifting.  My favorite part about these group shoots is showing other women how different we all are.  Truly, we are all different heights, shapes and sizes.   And, while we are all so incredibly different, we are all so perfect.   Being different is what makes us so amazingly unique and beautiful after all!

For this summer beach shoot all of us ladies met at a private beach location super early before sunrise.  That meant some of us had to be up in the 4am hour!  Some of us had a little over an hour drive to the location so we carpooled and others just met us there.

Group Beach Shoot_1011

We arrived bright and early and got changed into our swimsuits and were ready to go when the sun finally started to rise.  Together, we worked quickly to take advantage of that early morning sunrise.  I really wanted to make sure each girl had the opportunity to get their pictures done with that beautiful morning light.

Each girl got individual pictures of themselves.  And we did several group photos too!  Honestly, the group photos are some of my favorites.  The shoot actually happened pretty fast. The sun started getting bright and high up in the sky pretty quickly.  Without a doubt, we spent more time driving to and from our beach location than we did actually shooting.   Honestly, it was worth it though.   I’m pretty happy with how the photos turned out and I’m super excited these gorgeous ladies have these photos to look back on.

Seriously, aren’t these ladies all so incredibly beautiful!?

Group Beach Shoot_1012 Group Beach Shoot_1013

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