Miss Bones recently reached out to me wanting to do a boudoir session.  Her good friend, Mr. Bones, has been busy doing couples sessions with all of his favorite ladies and she just loved all of the images he has been sharing.   At the end of this blog post I’ll share some of his images too.  But for now, this post is about Miss Bones!  Recently, Miss Bones had a breakup with her longtime love.   She thought that doing a boudoir session would be super empowering and help her get her groove back.  After all, you can’t really love someone else until you’ve learned to love yourself first!

Over the years Miss Bones has been working a lot on self love and acceptance.  She used to worry that she was too thin or her bones weren’t the right color. And while there’s still things she doesn’t love about her body she’s been learning to accept it’s beauty flaws and all.   I’m so proud of her on this!  I just loved the conversations we had during her session about body image issues and how we have to constantly work to overcome those!

Since Halloween is Miss Bone’s favorite spooky holiday we decided to do her session about a month prior to Halloween.  That way she’d have her album and images in time for the big day!  I’m so excited for her to have her products!!!  I just know that each and every day she will look at them and know just how amazing she is!

As with most of my boudoir sessions, I like to ask some questions to my clients.  I think it just hits differently when you hear about their session right from the client themselves!

Miss Bones Boudoir_1019

Here’s what Miss Bones had to say about her amazing session:

“At first I was a little nervous about my session.  I know I look a little different than most of the girls Sarah works with and I was worried how that would look in camera.  Over the past year I’ve been working really hard on finding and loving myself again!  I’ve spent far too much time focusing on other Skeletons and not focusing on myself.  Recently, I became single again and decided it was time to work on me.

I’m so glad I decided to do a boudoir session.  When I first saw my pictures I was floored!!!  That was me!!!  I loved picking out the lingerie for my session. I was a little unsure about my new haircut but now that I see it in pictures I’m in love!

Sarah was wonderful to work with and I’m so excited to get my album in time for Halloween!

Ladies, don’t overthink it.  Just do the shoot.  I promise you it’s worth it.  I can’t wait to look back at these pictures in say 10, 20 … even 30 years and say DAMN! THAT’S ME, LOOK HOW HOT I WAS!”

Mr Bones Boudoir_1020


Oh!  Check out my TikTok!!!   I’ll be posting some behind the scenes posing videos of Miss Bones’s session in the coming days!

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