October 2021

Undersummers | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Chicago IL


My wonderful friend, Carrie, created the company Undersummers! Needless to say, I'm so incredibly proud of her.  She's done incredible in her business.  Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a couple of beautiful models.  I was able photograph some of Undersummer's most recent products for their Sleep and Lounge collection. A little backstory [...]

Undersummers | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Chicago IL2021-10-27T14:06:37-05:00

May 2021

Tanisha | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Lake County


February is Black History Month.  The past two years more than ever that month should be celebrated.  Black women need to believe and know that they are special and just as important as anyone else.  As a boudoir photographer I try to do my best to show all women how beautiful and special they are. [...]

Tanisha | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Lake County2021-05-26T13:52:36-05:00

March 2021

Justine | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Justine first inquired about a session a couple years ago.  I was so excited when she finally booked her session as I knew she had been thinking about it for awhile.  Justine has been with her amazing husband for 16 years and married almost 11 years.   Together, they have three kids that are ages [...]

Justine | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2021-03-22T14:59:27-05:00

Glenna | Wauconda, IL


I was thrilled when Glenna booked her boudoir session.   You see, Glenna and I were friends way back in the day.   It's been a long time since we were in High School.  Now in our forties, Glenna has been through a lot.   She's lost her parents, been divorced and re married.  Her [...]

Glenna | Wauconda, IL2021-03-17T13:42:29-05:00

February 2021

Ms. L | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


Ms. L booked a session a couple of months ago.   She was trying to come up with a unique, fun and spicy wedding gift for her husband.   Sounds like she succeeded!   I always love when my boudoir clients report back to me and let me know what their husbands think.  Ms. L [...]

Ms. L | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2021-02-19T13:40:00-06:00

August 2020

Chrissy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield IL


Chrissy had her boudoir session a few months back.  Sorry, I didn't have the chance to get her blog posted sooner but better late than never!  Chrissy is a writer, storyteller, adventurer and improviser.  She likes to see the world in shades of rainbow, instead of black and white or shades of gray.  This beauty [...]

Chrissy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield IL2020-08-27T09:23:46-05:00

Karli | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda, IL


Karli and Her Blue Hair! Karli recently came into the studio for her boudoir session.   When I answered the front door and saw her electric blue hair I just knew it was going to be a fun session.   I just loved working with Karli.  She was a breath of fresh air.  Had a [...]

Karli | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda, IL2022-01-06T13:51:05-06:00

May 2019

Embracing You-Part 1 | Sarah Jane Boudoir


Embracing yourself and learning to love yourself is something I am passionate about. A while back I had decided I wanted to do a shoot with several women nude. I wanted these women to have a connection, not in a sexual way but in a closeness. These women were going to have to stand close [...]

Embracing You-Part 1 | Sarah Jane Boudoir2022-08-26T15:01:49-05:00

June 2018

Kendra | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield, IL


Kendra reached out to me to do a boudoir session late last year.  She was a little hesitant as she is a plus sized curvy woman and didn't see a whole lot of that on my website.   This is true, there really isn't many plus sized women on my website.   Unfortunately, some women [...]

Kendra | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Plainfield, IL2022-08-26T15:09:10-05:00
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