April 2023

Lisa | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Lisa is a 41 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls.  She's also a wife to an incredible man that she's been with for 24 years.  In addition, she's been in the real estate tax industry for 22 years, a certified Life Coach, and yoga instructor.  She's very passionate about empowering people, especially women.  Lisa [...]

Lisa | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2023-04-20T13:43:29-05:00

March 2023

Stacy’s Review | Wauconda Boudoir


When I read Stacy's review from her session it really made me happy.  Most reviews do.  But, there was something extra special about Stacy's review because I truly got to know her during her session.  I know how healing and special this shoot was for her. You see, Stacy didn't book her session for her [...]

Stacy’s Review | Wauconda Boudoir2023-03-19T10:56:14-05:00

12 Most Frequently Asked Boudoir Questions | Wauconda IL


Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Boudoir Questions The thought of a boudoir session can be scary.  When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions.  So, I wanted to compile a list of my 12 most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session [...]

12 Most Frequently Asked Boudoir Questions | Wauconda IL2023-04-28T13:59:03-05:00

February 2023

Get a little bit of you back! | Chicagoland Boudoir


Get a little bit of you back! Sarah Jane Boudoir believes beauty is not defined by age, shape or size. I truly believe everyone is beautiful. Through boudoir I want to change the way people view themselves and their bodies. Everyone deserves to see and believe how amazing they are. I want to show you [...]

Get a little bit of you back! | Chicagoland Boudoir2023-02-28T11:06:23-06:00

Teri | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Teri is a 35 year old woman.  She's a mother to a beautiful 12 year old daughter and wife to a wonderful man.  Somehow, along the way she seems to have lost herself.  Teri chose to do a boudoir session to help remind herself who she really is.  As women do, we are always caring [...]

Teri | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2023-02-27T13:32:40-06:00

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer


How we think and talk to ourselves impacts our body. Reading some positive quotes and affirmations can help reset our mind and bring a peace to us that we didn't have before.  As a boudoir photographer even I need a pick me up once in awhile. Often, I will post some positive boudoir quotes on [...]

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer2023-02-28T12:49:26-06:00

October 2022

Candace | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


Candace is 34 years old.  She's been married for 11 years and has 3 little adorable boys!  Currently, she's a practice manager for a nephrology office.  She loves being outside as much as possible and enjoys everything outdoors.  Especially, loves watching her boys play baseball!  Candace has always wanted to do a boudoir session.  But, [...]

Candace | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2022-10-28T14:30:45-05:00

Mindy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Mindy is a twenty-something year old that was searching for a way to love herself again!  She wanted to gift her fiance (now husband) a boudoir album for his wedding gift.  Also, she hoped this session would help boost her confidence in her body.  For years, Mindy has struggled with self-esteem and body confidence. As [...]

Mindy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2022-10-28T13:52:38-05:00

August 2022

Quiet Beauty | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


This quiet beauty is a 38 year old mom with a 9 year old son.  She works in the healthcare field.  When she came into the studio for her session she was super quiet, reserved and a little shy.  She quickly opened up and relaxed.  I loved getting to know here and we had great [...]

Quiet Beauty | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2022-08-31T10:50:16-05:00

Nancy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Nancy raised 2 daughters on her own.  She got her GED and has been working ever since!  While she is friendly, she can be a little stubborn yet fair person. What a wonderful smart, funny and silly person.  She loves making people laugh and helping others out when she can.  Her friends and family always [...]

Nancy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2022-08-31T10:32:49-05:00
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