February 2023

Get a little bit of you back! | Chicagoland Boudoir


Get a little bit of you back! Sarah Jane Boudoir believes beauty is not defined by age, shape or size. I truly believe everyone is beautiful. Through boudoir I want to change the way people view themselves and their bodies. Everyone deserves to see and believe how amazing they are. I want to show you [...]

Get a little bit of you back! | Chicagoland Boudoir2023-02-28T11:06:23-06:00

Teri | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Teri is a 35 year old woman.  She's a mother to a beautiful 12 year old daughter and wife to a wonderful man.  Somehow, along the way she seems to have lost herself.  Teri chose to do a boudoir session to help remind herself who she really is.  As women do, we are always caring [...]

Teri | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2023-02-27T13:32:40-06:00

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer


How we think and talk to ourselves impacts our body. Reading some positive quotes and affirmations can help reset our mind and bring a peace to us that we didn't have before.  As a boudoir photographer even I need a pick me up once in awhile. Often, I will post some positive boudoir quotes on [...]

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer2023-02-28T12:49:26-06:00

October 2022

Candace | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


Candace is 34 years old.  She's been married for 11 years and has 3 little adorable boys!  Currently, she's a practice manager for a nephrology office.  She loves being outside as much as possible and enjoys everything outdoors.  Especially, loves watching her boys play baseball!  Candace has always wanted to do a boudoir session.  But, [...]

Candace | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2022-10-28T14:30:45-05:00

Mindy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Mindy is a twenty-something year old that was searching for a way to love herself again!  She wanted to gift her fiance (now husband) a boudoir album for his wedding gift.  Also, she hoped this session would help boost her confidence in her body.  For years, Mindy has struggled with self-esteem and body confidence. As [...]

Mindy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2022-10-28T13:52:38-05:00

August 2022

Quiet Beauty | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


This quiet beauty is a 38 year old mom with a 9 year old son.  She works in the healthcare field.  When she came into the studio for her session she was super quiet, reserved and a little shy.  She quickly opened up and relaxed.  I loved getting to know here and we had great [...]

Quiet Beauty | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2022-08-31T10:50:16-05:00

Nancy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Nancy raised 2 daughters on her own.  She got her GED and has been working ever since!  While she is friendly, she can be a little stubborn yet fair person. What a wonderful smart, funny and silly person.  She loves making people laugh and helping others out when she can.  Her friends and family always [...]

Nancy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2022-08-31T10:32:49-05:00

Debbie | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


Debbie grew up and spent most of her life around Spring Grove.  She moved to Platteville, WI to pursue a bachelors degree in forensic investigation and psychology.  After graduation she moved back to her home town and found work in an equine related business.  She is an avid horse back rider and owns her own [...]

Debbie | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2022-08-29T13:26:37-05:00

Stacy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL


TrStacy is 47 years old and has been married for 28 years!  She has three sons ages 24, 20 and 20.  She's nearly an empty nester!  Needless to say, there are lot of big changes going on at her house and she's just about to start a new chapter in her life.  Also, she is [...]

Stacy | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda IL2023-04-17T15:53:31-05:00

Self Love Summer Bash | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda


This year's Self Love Summer Bash was a huge success.  I had the opportunity to reconnect with some ladies I've grown to know and love over the years.  I also got to meet a lot of new faces and I'm beyond excited to get to know these ladies even more. Because of all the wonkiness [...]

Self Love Summer Bash | Sarah Jane Boudoir | Wauconda2022-12-31T16:37:30-06:00
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